There are many recreational activities to do right on Shasta Lake. Besides hiking, camping and swimming, here are the two most popular activities…


Houseboat on Lake Shasta CaliforniaOne of the most popular activities is renting a houseboat on Lake Shasta. People from California and Oregon enjoy this aspect of Shasta Lake vacations. Living in a houseboat is very relaxing and a good base for all the fun activities. It is easy to go swimming in Lake Shasta from the houseboat. Lift anchor and take off for a relaxing cruise on the lake. Afterwards, return to the pier for dinner. Most rentals are between 43 to 75 feet. This size houseboat typically holds up to 16 people. Check out American Houseboat Rentals on Lake Shasta for more information.


Shasta Lake Vacations are incomplete without a fishing trip. Indeed, fishing at Shasta Lake is a favorite of many anglers. Fishing licenses are sold all around the lake. The potential catch includes huge bass and trout. Further, lucky fisherman can catch bluegills, salmon, crappie, catfish and sturgeon.